The MXGM Personality

As members of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, we aspire to and focus on the discipline necessary to represent the following:

  1. Always be humble when dealing with Afrikan people. You can be humble and firm at the same time
  2. Respect the actions and customs of others.
  3. Never engage in petty senseless arguments.
  4. Do not go places looking for arguments (ideological or otherwise)
  5. Always be on time for all activities, or have a legitimate reason.
  6. Never be afraid to wage Ideological struggle, or ask questions if necessary to establish political clarity.
  7. Never talk just to be seen or heard
  8. Never discuss information with those who should not know, regardless of who they are.
  9. Report all actions that threaten our people to our organization leadership.
  10. Always be on the lookout for traitors, spies, and other enemies of our people
  11. Always be engaged in some form of propaganda work.
  12. Always be on the lookout for brothers and sisters who have deep love for Afrikan people for recruitment purposes.
  13. Never be tricked by a person’s word.
  14. Know how to study and recognize the uniqueness of our struggle.
  15. Know the enemy within.
  16. Always keep yourself clean in mind, body, and collectively.
  17. Develop the ability to work individually and collectively.
  18. Combat selfishness.
  19. Always guide and protect children.

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