NAPO/MXGM Statement on Charlottesville: Self Defense Against White Supremacists is a Human Right

The New Afrikan People’s Organization l The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Self-Defense is Our Culture

Survival is Our Duty

Self Defense Against White Supremacists is a Human Right!

Political Context

The White Nationalist “Unite the Right” convergence in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017, has left 3 people dead and 34 injured and is the latest attack in a wave of mass violence from organized White-Nationalist forces.  In the days to come we can expect many more of these types of operations and the mobilization of even greater levels of violence against New Afrikans and other colonized people inside the United States.  

These forces represent the foot soldiers of the right-wing Neo-Confederacy that has seized control over the Federal government as well as control over more than half of the State governments. They are organized to socially enforce the political programs of the corporate elite. They are part of a movement to institute outright fascism in the United States and they must be stopped by any means necessary! Just as national oppression has always been enforced through violence; national liberation has also been attained through resistance to violence and self-defense. Our major problems aren’t police killings, poverty, and mass incarceration; those are symptoms. The major problem our people are faced with is a fundamental lack of sovereignty and our only solution is a complete break with the criminal enterprise known as the United States of America so that our people can govern themselves.  Self-determination is the key to our survival.  

If we are to survive the days to come, we have to take the threat of these white vigilantes and their organizations seriously.  We ignore them to our peril.  Our survival depends on our ability to organize for self-defense and embrace and uphold a culture of security.  We must build independent survival institutions as well as fight against the plans and plots of the corporations, the government, the Democrats and the Republicans.  We should never put ourselves in a position that leaves us depending on our enemies –like the courts, and other forces of the US government or transnational corporations -to protect us.  We have to defend ourselves both physically and politically.

What Must Be Done?

We must engage in non-compliance campaigns on a mass level.  We must become Ungovernable and a big part of that is organizing our communities for self-defense.  Self-defense is an inalienable human right and no law ever written in any book has the authority to stop you from defending your life from anyone that threatens it whether they be the police or White Nationalist militias!

Organize For Self-Defense

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) believes that an essential part of our Movement for survival must be Self-Defense Networks. We believe there are two types of Networks that we have to build:

  • New Afrikan Self-Defense Networks
  • People’s Self -Defense Networks

New Afrikan Self-Defense Networks are alliances, coalitions, or united fronts of New Afrikan organizations whose purpose is to defend the New Afrikan community from external (the police, FBI, white terrorist organizations, etc.) and internal (agent infiltration, intra-communal violence, etc.) threats to its safety and security.

People’s Self-Defense Networks are multinational (or multiethnic and/or racial) alliances, coalitions, or united fronts whose purpose is to defend their communities against mutual enemies and threats and advance a common agenda based on shared interests, hopes, and aspirations.

We have survived because of the independent institutions our ancestors built that formed the infrastructure for our liberation struggle; and the organized self-defense formations that protected us from external threats. New Afrikans have a long history of defending ourselves against all forms of oppression.  We can look to the legacy of the Black Guards, Deacons for Defense, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, The Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika  and other Black Liberation and New Afrikan Independence Movement organizations for examples of what must be done.  Self-Defense is our culture and survival is our duty.  

For more information on how to organize Self-Defense Networks contact us at or our National Organizer, taliba obuya,  For more on the history of and role of armed self-defense in the Black Freedom Movement see “We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement” by NAPO and MXGM member Dr. Akinyele Umoja.

Let Your Motto Be Resistance –

Free The Land!  

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