4 thoughts on “Impunity in the Judicial System for Extrajudicial Killers

  1. eaglehoof says:

    Excellent spreadsheet. I was putting forth the view, on a chat board,
    that TM was one of many, but did not have the evidence to share without your efforts.


  2. eaglehoof says:

    Have you thought of choosing a spoke person, putting together a presentation based on the spreadsheet and inquiring with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now about getting a spot on the show? My guess is that the answer would be a resounding yes. You could also approach a CNN producer, although the answer in that case would be more uncertain – but worth a shot.


  3. Ganksta Th'second says:

    The scariest part is that murders of children {teens up through 21} are all being let off. The message is clear, if you are a person of color under the age of majority, you ARE disposable.


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