6 thoughts on “24th Annual Malcolm X Festival – Atlanta, GA May 18-19, 2013

  1. CARLTON W. DOBBS says:

    My Name is Carlton W. Dobbs, Atl,Ga. If some one could help me please? Thank You, very much. Is the Malcolm X, Festival @ The West End Park; that was to be May 18-19 2013 have been reset to another date @ time. If so, If some one could let me know please? what is the new date @ time? Thank You, Very Much.


  2. Queen Mumbi says:

    I look forward to this festival every year. Will it go on another weekend? Prayerfully not the 25/26th of May, as my husband and I will not be available. Meda ase for your prompt response! Queen Mumbi and Warren Green.


  3. Dee Smalls says:

    Dee Smalls
    If the festival is going on next month or next year, please let me know. I’m looking foward to go again. Thanks.
    Dee Smalls.


  4. JDA'VET says:

    I look forward to this event as it spiritually feeds me each year Please post an update thank you all very much. BLESSINGS HOTEP ASÉ


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