Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Press Statement on Floyd v. City of New York

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Sunday, March 17, 2013



Nadia Alexis 646-645-2334

Linda Tigani 718-419-2143


The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement stands in solid support of all victims of police harassment, abuse and murder represented through the cases of Davis vs. City of New York, Ligon vs. City of New York and Floyd vs. City of New York.  As a lead plaintiff in the landmark class action lawsuit of Floyd v. the City of New York, we are confident that U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin will find that the NYPD is failing to promote public safety or enforce the law legally in its indiscriminate “impact zone” approach to policing in public and private residential buildings alike. We are also confident that the federal court will find that racial discrimination drives the illegal practice of stopping and frisking innocent Black and Latino New Yorkers in all three cases. Thus, racial justice is one of the pinnacle victories we will achieve in reforming the NYPD’s current practices from rulings in the favor or the plaintiffs in each of these historical cases.


In 2010, Central Brooklyn had a total of 104,758 stops by the NYPD. The 79th and 81st precincts are among the city’s top 10 precincts that are rampant in illegal stops and frisks. Of the total number of people who were stopped in the 79thprecinct area, 88% of them were innocent, and although only 57% of the population in the 79th precinct is Black, they made up 80% of the victims of illegal stops and frisks.  In the 81st precinct, 87% of those stopped and frisked were innocent and 89% of these victims were Black although only 76% of the population is Black. These numbers reflect larger racial disparities found throughout the city. Citywide, 87% of stops and frisks are of Black and Latino people although they only make up 52% of New York City’s population.


After decades of profiling and over-criminalizing our communities, we remain vigilant in the fight to end the NYPD’s illegal practices. In light of the recent murder of Kimani Gray by the NYPD and the statistics that show that every 36 hours a black woman, man or child is killed in this country, we recognize the pivotal role this trial plays in our lives and the lives of our community members. On March 18th and through the upcoming weeks of the Floyd trial, we stand in solidarity with our allies to achieve meaningful accountability, dignity and respect from all members of the police force for all New Yorkers.


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