Dorner, Racism, and Police Repression

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) maintains that regardless of what one may think of Christopher Dorner and the rights or wrongs of his actions, we want to call attention to the truth’s stated in Dorner’s manifesto regarding the pervasiveness of racism in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).


As many historians and commentators have pointed out since the release of Dorner’s manifesto, the LAPD is a notoriously racist institution. The Ramparts Division scandal of the late 1990’s is one recent reminder of how racist and corrupt the institution is, and to what extent the judiciary and other branches and institutions of the US government support its actions.


We should be clear that the LAPD is not an aberration or an exception to the rule. Racism is endemic to all law enforcement agencies in the United States, and is part and parcel of the foundations of the United States government, its historic mission, and its systemic functioning. What Mr. Dorner’s manifesto call into question is the degree to which racism is blatantly ignored, reasoned away, and legitimized in this society. This is further evidenced by the fact that William J. Bratton, the innovator of the infamously racist “stop and frisk” policies and tactics, who was the Chief of Police in Los Angeles when Mr. Dorner filed his complaints and was subsequently fired, has been hired by the city of Oakland to reportedly “clean it up”.


In July 2012 our organization issued a critical report on the Extrajudicial Killing of Black people by the Police (see that highlighted the cold facts regarding the deadly impact of racism and national oppression, made several concrete demands on the US government, and encouraged Black people to unite and reorganize ourselves to defend our communities against the various forms of state repression aimed at us and our social movements for justice.


We maintain that our people must step up our organizing efforts to curtail the repressive apparatus being built by the US government to contain oppressed peoples and radical social movements, and we resubmit the critical demands we posed in 2012, as they are no less relevant in 2013, which have been graphically illustrated by the impact of Mr. Dorner’s statements and actions.


Some fundamental demands.


Los Angeles specific demands:

  1. We call for an independent investigation into the numerous allegations made by Christopher Dorner against specific named individuals, as well as his general allegations of police conduct, and the charges of nepotism that he contends surrounded his firing.
  2. We call for an independent commission to investigate the documented abuses of the LAPD and to hear unfiled claims of racial discrimination and abuse against the department, and to try the department before a Federal court to provide redress for the victims.
  3. We call for the immediate institutionalization of a Police Control Board in the city of Los Angeles directly elected by the people, which possesses the power to monitor, review, and change all racist policies and procedures, and to fire, subpoena, and try offending police officers.


National demands:

  1. We call for the institutionalization of Police Control Boards that are directly elected by the people.
  2. We call for the elimination of the Police Bill of Rights and the numerous civil service rules and judicial policies and procedures that give the police anonymity, freedom from having their behavior recorded and virtual immunity from accountability and prosecution.
  3. We call for the end to the various polices of containment such as racial profiling, stop and frisk, gang injunctions, secure communities, etc.
  4. We demand the demilitarization of domestic law enforcement, including eliminating the use of Drones and various surveillance operations and institutions.
  5. We call for the redirection of military funding to social programs, such as public education, housing, health care, public transportation, and grassroots-controlled programs to prevent domestic and intra-communal violence.
  6. We call for the institutionalization of a National Plan of Action for Racial Justice to combat racism and racial discrimination in the institutions of government and the social relations that shape the economy.


Organize and Take Action! The system will change, only when we make it change.



The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement


Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Racism&PoliceRepression

13 thoughts on “Dorner, Racism, and Police Repression

  1. black panther says:

    This is all talk. When will someone take the chance and risk their life like doner did to be heard? When will we as a black people stop giving lip service and take action. Doesn’t have to be the right or wrong action. But something to get the ball rolling. I’m afraid it is almost too late. The truth has been burried under lies until we can tell them from eachother. Black people have become our own worst enemy. Soo much that if we were to even try and unite. We would have to kill millions of blacks that are either useless to the cause or against blacks uniting. White people don’t hate black people. We got it all wrong from the start. Its not hate. They are disgusted by the very apperence of black skin. (The few white woman are simply bored or climbing the ladder of success) how can any race love blacks if we don’t even love ourselves. Our woman embarrass us with the hair and just simply unkept ways. The young men put us to shame with the crime( mostly cowardice crimes) and our elders leave us foolish with no guidance. We are a lost people. The mere face that we can reproduce at an unmatchabe strenght is our only reprieve. I’m soo sad at the state of our people it hurts. Sad thing is I have been affected by it all. I now see white people as a better friend and more trust worthy than any blacks I might now (scary I know) but its the truth. This site is great. But how about stop all the talk and put our money where are mouth is. Use ur site to ask every single black person on earth to donate money to the negro fund and see how much u get. Yet every other race has done it. Accumalated funds for the betterment of their race. Weather secretly or openly they have done it. And white supremecy sees them unite and give them credit for that. (Strength in numbers) yet we blacks. The most gifted and diverse culture on earth. Cannot ask every single black to give for the betterment of future blacks to come. If we can’t accomplish this simple goal as a people how can we do anything substancial. TO OUR LEADERS. STOP TALKING AND SINGING COON SONGS AND START PUTTING YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE. PUT YOUR FAMILYS LIFE ON THE LINE. ANYTHING IT TAKES. OUR FOREFATHER DID IT. WHY CAN’T WE?? OUR LEADERS NEED TO BE HANGED IF THEY CAN’T ACCOMPLISH THIS. AND WHITE AMERCA SHOULD GET A THANK YOU FOR LEADING A WHOLE DIFFERENT RACE WHEN THEIR OWN LEADERS BOWED DOWN TO FOREINGNERS! !!!! AND CONTINUE TOO!!!


  2. Thinker says:

    i like the very detailed points you made, which should be implemented. The law will need to work towards fairness, truth and fact finding, and justice in a color blind fashion. this matter must be investigated before this man goes to Oakland which is already under court order. If the US Government supports such a sloppy official then it will be siding with this past history and not creating something new and necessary. Here is the story of a LAPD officer who wrote a book – and makes the same accusations and had the same experience. Now, the LAPD wants to paint anyone who wants accountability as supporting a ‘killer’ – well, what say you now LAPD, to a book? Whats the excuse now? The whole nation watched this and knows of the history of that police department. I was sickened when I read what that police department did to Dohner and why doesn’t the department care what happened to one of its own? I am very concerned about what is going on.


  3. Cherry Bleeds says:

    I fully support this call to action! Christopher Dorner gave his life to expose this corruption / brutality ( without anyones help or approval)
    that is consistently overlooked. Enough is enough


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