Hands Off Venezuela! For the Recovery of President Hugo Chavez

Support the Bolivarian Revolution


The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) sends our deepest regards to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias and wish him a speedy and full recovery from his cancer treatment in Cuba.


We understand that this is a very critical time for President Chavez, and more importantly, for the peoples of Venezuela. There are numerous forces, domestic and international, intent on transforming the personal crisis being confronted by the President, into a national crisis in order to stall, if not outright reverse, the tremendous social gains of the Bolivarian revolution.


We know that the militant social movements and political parties in Venezuela that support the Bolivarian revolution are being extremely vigilant at this delicate time. But, we also know that these forces must not stand-alone. The Bolivarian revolution has some powerful international enemies, chief among them the United States government, which played a leading role in the failed 2002 coup attempt against President Chavez.


As we know from our centuries of suffering at the hands of this government and from its long and bloody history of imperialist intervention, that the United States government is not adverse to fomenting another coup attempt, or increasing its support for reactionary domestic forces to destabilize the country via economic and political means to instigate civil war, or worse still to mobilize and support mercenaries from Colombia via its military bases to carry out a “regime change” operation to install a reactionary puppet government alla the Libyan and Syrian models.


As internationalists and supporters of the Bolivarian revolution, are opposed to any outside interference with the democratic process in Venezuela, particularly by the United States government. We call on all progressive forces in the United States to stand with us in demanding “Hands Off Venezuela”.


Progressive forces in the United States must play our part as internationalists in supporting the Bolivarian revolution as an expression of humanities capacity to build just societies, and a reflection of the ongoing struggle of the exploited and oppressed to defeat imperialism and end humanities exploitation of itself and the Earth upon which it depends.

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