Justice for Tatiana "Jasira" Lima

Community Activist, Tatiana “Jasira” Lima, is being prosecuted for a crime she did not commit; the murder of her one month old baby girl, Akira.  Tatiana, who is an active member and leader in various community and cultural organizations, has worked extensively in support of Hurricane Katrina survivors, homeless, and young people of color.  This committed young organizer is now in need of your support.

Tatiana’s initial bond was set at $170,000. However, on July 18th, 2011, Attorney Davis successfully argued for the bond to be reduced to $50,000.  “This is a promising first step for the case but now she needs the community and family support”, said Attorney Davis after the hearing.

A special thanks to all of the supporters that donated to the bond fund. Tatiana has made bail, but she still needs your financial support for ongoing bond fees that the court imposed as a condition of her bond.

“We are involved in this case for three reasons, 1)Tatiana is innocent, 

      2) she is a bright young woman who deserves our support and

      3) we believe we can help save her life” said Robert Bozeman,

the managing partner of the Davis Bozeman Law Firm.


Who Is Tatiana “Jasira”? 

Tatiana’s mother died when Tatiana was 16 years old.  Despite this devastating tragedy Tatiana was determined to obtain her education and she graduated from Georgia State University (GSU) Summa Cum Laude in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in African American Studies.  While at GSU, Tatiana was President of Sankofa Society, founded Daughters of the Diaspora (D.O.D), and traveled to New Orleans to assist in post-Katrina food/clothing drive efforts. Ms. Lima continued her work as an organizer and as an active member of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), where she was involved in organizing political forums, community outreach, and children’s education programs. MXGM has spearheaded the effort to form the Justice for Tatiana “Jasira” Lima Committee and secure Ms. Lima’s freedom.

Prior to her incarceration, Tatiana had begun taking Post-Graduate classes for a Physical Therapy Program and working part-time. Tatiana has never been arrested before these false charges were brought against her.


Statement of Facts & Law 

On July 2, 2010, Tatiana became a first-time mother by giving birth to Akira Copeland.  Akira was a healthy and happy baby girl.  Tatiana and Akira came home from the hospital to live with Jeremy Copeland, Tatiana’s boyfriend and Akira’s father.  On August 2ndAkira was taken to the hospital after Tatiana became concerned about the baby’s breathing.  Prior to taking Akira to the hospital she called her sister and described the baby’s condition and then she contacted the pediatrician who advised her to take Akira to the hospital.  The examining physicians observed several bone fractures to Akira’s skull and ribs.  Police were alerted of the injuries due to suspected child abuse.  According to police documents, the baby’s father, Jeremy Copeland, told police that he believed he might have accidentally caused the child’s injuries when she fell while he was changing her and when he rolled over on her while sleeping.  Mr. Copeland was arrested.  There was no evidence or suspicion that Tatiana was involved in the death of her beloved child or knew that Mr. Copeland had intentionally inflicted any injuries.   In fact, after questioning, the detectives allowed Tatiana to remain at her daughter’s bedside in the hospital during her final hours.  Tragically, 48 hours after she was admitted, Akira died.

Two weeks after the unfortunate death of her child, Tatiana was interviewed again by police and was arrested after the detectives decided that this first-time mother, “should have known more or should have done something more.”  On August 17, 2010 she was then charged with Cruelty to Children in the First Degree.  However, at the Preliminary Hearing on September 1, 2010 the District Attorney’s office presented the additional and more serious charges of Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravated Battery, and Aggravated Assault.  Fortunately, the Honorable Judge Karen Woodson listened carefully to the evidence (or lack thereof) and found that there was not sufficient evidence for the charges of Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravated Battery, and Aggravated Assault.  Ms. Lima was released on bond and worked and went to school until the District Attorney’s office again presented the more serious charges of Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Aggravated battery to a Grand Jury for indictment on October 29, 2010.  Ms. Lima was then rearrested and was given a bond in March of 2011 of $170,000.

What Can You Do? 

Please help us in our fight to support Tatiana “Jasira” Lima.  No donation is too small.  Donations are being accepted payable to Community Aid & Development Corp., a 501(c)(3).  Go to http://www.justice4tatiana.org to use PayPal to donate or mail donations to Community Aid and Development Corp. P.O. Box 361270, Decatur GA 30036-1270. Please write in the memo section on check or money order “Tatiana “Jasira” Lima Bond Fund.  You can also express your concerns about the prosecution of this innocent young woman by writing letters to the District Attorney of Fulton County, Paul Howard at 136 Pryor Street Third Floor, Atlanta, GA, 30303-3477.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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