Black August Film Showcase

2nd Annual Event

Black August Film Showcase


Now in its 2nd year, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement’s (MXGM) Black August Film Festival uses film to speak to the lives, culture, resistance, organizing, social movements, and social and political matters of people of the African Diaspora. We believe that all forms of creative expression, particularly film, can be used as a tool of liberation and community empowerment. We welcome documentaries, feature films, short films, and music videos that address the past and/or contemporary realities of Black people around the world; our struggles, triumphs, and attempts to comment on and change our conditions. Subject matter of previous films has included community reactions to the murders of Sean Bell and Oscar Grant, service initiatives in Haiti post-Earthquake, and the role of hip-hop in East Africa and Palestine. The Black August Film Festival will take place August 13th, 2011 from 4pm-10pm at the National Black Theatre in Harlem (2031 5th Avenue).

Suggested donation: $10

All proceeds from the Black August Film Festival will benefit political prisoners.


  • “Native Sun” directed by Terence Nance & Blitz the Ambassador
  •  “A Crocodile Story” directed by Hisham Haj Omer
  • “Agrarian Reform for Food Sovereignty” directed by Kurt Orderson
  • “Know Your Rights: How to Deal With Police Confrontations” directed by the students of Satellite Academy
  • “Cointelpro 101″ directed by the Freedom Archives
  • “Panther Cubs” (Trailer) directed by Ksisay Sadiki 
  • “A Creation Story”  directed by Natasha Ngaiza
  • “Mirror Mirror”  directed by Tamika R. Guishard
  • “Black Womyn Griots” directed by Helen Yohannes
  • “Hip Hop is Bigger than the Occupation” directed by Existence is Resistance

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