Black August Art Show

2nd Annual Event

Black August Art Show

























August 20th, 2011 will be the date for our second annual Black August Art Auction August hosted by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Groundfloor Collective, and the Brecht Forum. Last years Black August Art Auction was very successful. We had incredible turnout and were able to raise over $ 2,000 for political prisoners.  The theme for this year’s Black August Art Auction will of course be  centered around freeing political prisoners, but we will pay particular attention to this year marking 40 years after George Jackson’s murder and the uprising at Attica. We would also like to lift up the memory of Gil Scott Heron, and former Black Panther Geronimo Ji Jaga  Pratt who both recently passed away. In addition, we would like to lift up the lives and contributions of Assata Shakur, Safiya Bukhari, Fannie Lou Hamer, James Baldwin, Ella Baker, Nehanda Abiodun, Kuwasi Balagoon, Mutulu Shakur, Sundiata Acoli, and many other freedom fighters in the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement. All of these folks are strongly connected to battling injustices, but some had a particular focus on combating the unjust prison system in fighting for liberation.  Some have gone to the ancestors, others remain in exile, and some remain behind walls of U.S. prison even to this day. All that being said, we would like to emphasize unity in struggle along with the importance of knowing our history of resistance which we hope will will be able to manifest through the showing of art, a street theater piece by J. “G” J., a dance piece by JoiLynn, and musical performances by Ras Moshe, THEESatisfaction, and the Jack Fuller Band.  We hope that will be able to join us at this years Black August Art Auction and take part in this transformative experience with us.

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