New Community Farm/Garden in Jackson, MS

The Tougaloo Community Farm/ Garden – 5 acres. 

The first planting will be in a week.  Started by the Peoples Assembly, The Tougaloo Community Civic League, The St. James Bethal Church, Tougaloo College and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

One thought on “New Community Farm/Garden in Jackson, MS

  1. David Davis says:

     Good Day,
                    I have plans to move to the Jackson, MS. area sometime in the early spring of next year, and I’m looking for a Community Garden Project that I can join, and share the information and skills that I have both in growing and helping find funding for the program. I am able to do Federal and State funding procurements, for many Nonprofits, and Churches, and I would truly love to learn more about the Community Farm that you have started there.  I do have some ideas that I think would be very helpful for everyone concerned, and looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks for your time, and I’m most appreciative of it.

                                                   Respectfully,      David


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