Against and Beyond Police Brutality

A law prohibiting the storing of information- data-banking- of those stopped and frisked but not charged was recently signed in New York. The NYPD immediately issued an internal memo – leaked to the public- that suggested officers store the data on paper instead so as to work around the new law. Community organizers are not surprised by the NYPD reaction. They say they will continue working until the comprehensive social and institutional reforms needed to stop the discriminatory polices of the NYPD are in place. Luam, a member of both No One is Illegal and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, recently spoke with Lalit about the proactive work the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is doing to eliminate police brutality.

Listen to the program here:

Against and Beyond Police Brutality (March 2011)  

-audio courtesy of Toronto Radio (No One Is Illegal)


-Interview with Lalit Clarkson from Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (NYC)
-Audio from March 15 Demonstration Against Police Brutality (Toronto)
-Interview with Bridget Tolley (Kitigan Zibi Algonquin First Nation in Quebec)

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