Blood Tears Noise

This post is comprised of video and remarks from Youtube user ExaminedLife23 and features a clip of New York member Lalit. In ExaminedLife23’s words:

I had a class assignment in which I had to interview a member of a social movement & discuss their experience. In this video I am speaking with people I consider highly influential who bring some noise to community issues. In this case, my focus is police brutality & misconduct. While developing interview questions for what began as a simple assignment, Emmanuel Paulino & Danroy Henroy were killed two weeks apart by police in October. Both under 25, Both minorities, Both at the hands of officers who are unwilling to acknowledge that excessive force was used.

My intentions are not challenge officers who demonstrate police misconduct to “change” but rather to challenge young people to reject any feelings of defenselessness towards the police who abuse power. Through education, self determination, and lots of noise, we can shift the imbalance of power that we keep seeing.

Lalit dropping knowledge:

Speaking with community builders on police:

Speaking  with members of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement about the Know Your Rights Workshops & Cop Watch Program.

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