Camp Pumziko 2012

Join the New Afrikan Scouts on our Annual Camping Trip


Camp Pumziko 2012 is on Sunday, July 29th, we will be welcoming campers at 12pm and we will be dismissing campers on Saturday, August 4th by 12pm.  We will have Family Day on Saturday, August 4th, so please come prepared to have a fun-filled experience with your camper. We are located at: lake allatoona campgrounds

Hard Labor Creek State Park
Daniel Morgan Campground
5 Hard Labor Creek Road
… Rutledge, GA 30663



To give youth, particularly from poor communities, an opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience in a wholesome and structured setting geared towards building character and self-esteem; to offer a curriculum that includes Afrikan history, cultural awareness and physical development; to bring them into contact with adults committed to being positive role models, thus filling a void in their lives; to provide a meaningful alternative to summers of “just hanging out” with “nothing to do”; to offer survival skills for functioning in a chaotic system that has seemingly failed them. Camp Pumziko has grown tremendously since 1994 and the progress can be measured by the campers who have returned each year and through the dedication of those that attended as campers and are now returning to be counselors themselves.




Camping Supply List

1. Back pack

2. Sleeping bag or bed roll

3. Flashlight with extra batteries

4. First Aid Kit (small)

5. Toilet kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, lotion, soap)

6. 1 roll toilet paper

7. Clothes suitable for expected weather and activities

8. Sleepwear/Pajamas

9. A pair of old, comfy sneakers and/or hiking boots

10. Coat/Jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt

11. Several pairs of socks for hiking

12. Raingear (raincoat or poncho…umbrellas won’t work on hikes)

13. Water bottle/Canteen

14. Washcloth and towel

15. Bathing Suit

16. Insect Repellant

17. Hat

18. Watch

19. Pillow or pillowcase (can stuff their jacket into pillowcase to use as a pillow)

20. Notebook and pens or pencils

Optional items:

Camera, compass, rope, book, board game, one stuffed animal to sleep with.



One thought on “Camp Pumziko 2012

  1. dee says:

    (Afrikans) Afrikaans is a West Germanic language, mainly spoken in South Africa and Namibia. It is a daughter language of Dutch, originating in its 17th century dialects, collectively referred to as Cape Dutch.Afrikaans is a daughter language of Dutch.

    Is this site and organization a part of the black greek organizations?


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