MXGM Statement of Solidarity with the People of North Africa

Egyptian anti-Mubarak protesters dance and sing under an anti-Mubarak banner in Tahrir square in Cairo. Courtesy Of The Associated Press, Sat Feb 5, 4:38 AM ET

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) stands in solidarity with the revolutionary spirit and action that has swept North Africa, particularly in Tunisia and Egypt, and similar uprisings in Algeria, Jordan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  In line with the demands of the Egyptian people MXGM calls on Hosni Mubarak to step down from the Presidency immediately, for an end to neo-colonial and neo-liberal regimes propped up by US imperialism in the region, for self determination expressed through the creation of a people’s government with transparent and participatory processes and procedures (with the relevant changes to the constitution to institutionalize these reforms), the observance of human rights for all the peoples and communities living in Egypt, the end of torture and state repression, and the release of all political prisoners in Egypt.

The critical uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt represent a critical reawakening of the African and Arab revolutionary movements and processes.  As both an extension of and ally to these revolutionary movements and processes, MXGM will do everything within its power to help their advance as a critical next step in the liberation of African, Arab, and all oppressed and exploited peoples.  We call on all those who desire to see Africa and Southwest Asia (i.e. the Middle East) free from the US, European, Zionist, and neo-colonial domination to stand with the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt, and join us in our solidarity initiatives.


Solidarity Statement From MXGM

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