Statement of Solidarity with Elie Domota and Fignole Saint-Cyr Tour

Elie Domota, leader of the General Strike in Guadeloupe

To Brother Elie Domota of Guadeloupe and Brother Fignolé Saint-Cyr of Haiti: Statement by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM):

On behalf of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM),whose struggle is for the liberation of the land and peoples of our national homeland, the Black Belt South, we greet you in solidarity.

In the spirit of unity between all Afrikan peoples, we are pleased to endorse your U.S. tour. We do so without reservation or equivocation, and call upon the Black movement, oppressed peoples and workers of all the cities you will be visiting to build for and attend your events, take heed of the message of your recent victories and ongoing battles, and to support the brave and vital work that you have undertaken in your respective homelands.

We believe that the struggle of the CATH trade union federation in Haiti for the basic rights of workers against the Bill Clinton sweatshop system is a direct continuation of the very first slave revolt in world history to overthrow white colonial rule and establish an independent Black republic. The deep hatred and contempt that European and US imperialismhold toward Black sovereignty and self-government is demonstrated by its centuries of continuing retaliation, embargoes, destabilization campaigns, invasions, occupations, and coups against the Haitian people. The recent unprovoked shooting by illegal UN occupation forces of an unarmed marcher in the funeral procession of Father Gerard Jean-Juste is only the latest example of this international white power structure’s vengeful spite.

The epic struggle and recent victorious general strike ofthe UGTG trade union federation against French colonialism in Guadeloupe is equally important to all freedom-loving people. It shines forth as a beacon ofhope to Afrikan and struggling peoples throughout the world, demonstrating that victories are possible against the imperialistic world system of capitalist exploitation and white supremacy. The French government’s continuing effort to prosecute Brother Eli Domota, spokesperson of the LKP Strike Collective and general secretary of the UGTG, and to abrogate the Jacques Bino Agreement illustrates plainly that the problems of workers’ justice and national self-determination are inseparable. The working class must unite in action with the oppressed peoples of the world to push back these vindictive measures against the workers of Guadeloupe.

The struggles of your trade unions and nations against imperialist exploitation are a matter of life and death to us as well as to you. We who live, work, and struggle in the European settler-colony that is the United States are also struggling for political, economic and social power over our own land, communities, and lives. Your enemies are our enemies; your fightis our fight. The same ruling class forces that oppress and exploit you are the same as those that oppress and exploit us, and who seek to further consolidate their oppressive system by establishing a new military command on the Afrikan continent, i.e., AFRICOM, to keep their foot on the neck of our peoples throughout the world.

Like you, we are building a movement on this continent to achieve self-determination — a Reconstruction movement to seize reparations for our people for the misery, deprivation and super-exploitation they have suffered the last 500 years. Your solidarity aided us tremendously when you worked with us to convene the International Tribunal to hear our charges against the U.S. federal, state, and local governments for their crimes against humanity and policies of ethnic cleansing in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Since then, we have brought the Tribunal’s verdict and demand for justice to various international forums and built Peoples’ Assemblies in the South. Today we are struggling to bring to fruition an independent political force, and we have successfully campaigned for and elected our peoples’ attorney, Brother Chokwe Lumumba to the Jackson, Mississippi city council.

Comrades: We regret that, due to the time constraints, you will have to return home without having the opportunity to visit us in the Black Belt. Therefore, we propose to welcome and host you and other representatives of the heroic peoples’ struggles in Haiti and Guadeloupe this coming autumn. We hope to organize a second, Southern tour in Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Jackson; and New Orleans.

End the occupation of Haiti!

Self-determination for Guadeloupe and Martinique!

Free The Land!

In Unity and Struggle,

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

Friday, July 3, 2009