Crystal House Project

Crystal House is a project that recognizes housing as a Human Right. The project came together as a transitional low cost living space dedicated to supporting the growth and leadership of Black & Brown poor/working/ and queer individuals. Crystal House is a place to identify, understand and transform colonization and aims to provide a safe space for holistic healing with access to resources and training.

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Crystal House is committed to being a space for young adults and adults. It’s a place for artists, community members, visionaries, and organizers from the age of 18 and up. At Crystal House people come together to exchange positive energy and look out for one another. By design the project opens the door for folks to maintain a safe and sustainable living space in order to sharpen skills needed to transform oppressive power dynamics and environments.

Crystal House strives to be a place to learn new dynamics of power through self determination in order to transform oppressive power relationships amongst individuals and communities at large; not merely mirroring the dominant mainstream ways of living. Transforming oppressive power relationships amongst individuals and communities’ at large means reassessing our every day actions while connecting them to structural systems of oppression; challenging the silencing and domination of women, making space for queer, youth, trans, and female leadership and healing ourselves and community.

The Crystal House project recognizes the shuffling and uprooting of our folks as a way to keeping us moving from one spot to another in order to keep us disenfranchised and divided from one another. The folks who come thru Crystal House have been targets and survivors of state and institutional violence as well as personal violence within their homes and neighborhoods. Crystal House is a social investment for headz that are at a crossroads and seek to live within the values of cooperation, communication, transformation, self-determination, sustainability and revolutionary change.

What is the Human Right to Housing?

The right to housing guarantees the right to live in security, peace and dignity. This right must be provided to all persons regardless of income or access to economic resources. The right to housing should not be narrowly defined or restricted to being viewed as a commodity wholly dependent on market forces. Instead, housing should be viewed as a fundamental resource indispensable to ensuring human development and community participation.

What folks do:

Safe Space Initiative:

Creating a safe, healthy and forward-moving community
A “safe space” is where; people are able to safely exist as they are, with respect to their race, gender/gender representation, class, and sexual orientation.

Community Life Marketplace
The Community Life Marketplace is a space for members of the East New York Community to gather, build relationships, and unity around food, music, art, and our collective experiences. The marketplace was created to give folks in our community an opportunity to sell products or services and share their talents. The Community Life Marketplace is held every third Sunday of the month. Starting this May will be in Green Gems Community Garden. Located on Glenmore Ave. btw Crystal St. and Logan St.

strong>Green Gems Community Garden
When banks/government agencies abandoned communities, folks committed themselves to improving conditions for their families, their neighbors and each other. Going strong for 15yrs the garden continues to grow food, be a green space in the area, show films, hold spoken word events, and support with so much more.

Where is Crystal House Located?

The House is in East New York, Brooklyn via the “A” train on the Euclid Avenue stop and is located at 89 Crystal Street, 11208.

What is the process in getting housing at Crystal House?

Folks interested in living at Crystal House meet the current headz living in the space to see whether or not folks are feeling one another. If all goes well and you are still interested folks who live in the house take a vote where everyone must agree.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the room size and the finances of the house, folks pay anywhere from $400 to $600 a month. Utilities are included.

For more information:

  • Asere: 646-413-3110 or
  • Kana: 347-265-4484 or