Robert Seth Hayes

Photo of Robert Seth HayesRobert Seth Hayes was a member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. He was framed a convicted of murdering a NYC police officer in 1973. He was charged with seven counts ol attempted murder and one count of murder in the first degree. At the time seven New York City police officers were breaking into his home, Robert had no police record prior to these charges. At the time of Seth’s trail the entire Party was under attack] and targeted by COINTELPRO. At Robert’s 1998 parole hearing the focus was on his involvement with the Black Panther Party and his knowledge as to the whereabouts of Assata Shakur. Despite a prisor record with no violations, and after serving 25 years, Robert’_ parole was denied and he was given another two years. Two years later he was denied again and was subsequently diagnosed with diabetes. Despite all this, Robert Seth Hayes continues to be leader and an advocate for human rights and justice.