Mumia Abu Jamal

Photo of Mumia Abu JamalMumia Abu Jamal is an award winning journalist and one of the founders of the Black Panther Party chapter in Philadelphia, PA. He has struggled for the justice and human rights of people of color since he was at least 14 years old ~ the age he was when he joined the Party. In December of 1982, Mumia, who moonlighted by driving a taxi, happened upon police who were beating his brother. During the melee, a police was shot and killed and despite the fact that many people saw someone else shoot and then runaway from the scene, Mumia, in what could only be called a kangaroo court, was convicted and sentenced to death. During the summer of 1995, a death warrant was signed by Governor Tom Ridge, which sparked one of the most effective organizing efforts in defense of a political prisoner ever. As a result a stay was issued, but Mumia’s life continues to hang in the balance as we all await word on his current appeal.