Laura Whitehorn

Photo of Laura WhitehornLaura Whitehorn was a former North American political prisoner who was released in 1999 after completing 15 years in prison. A long-time activist, Laura, convicted of the 1983 U.S. Capitol bombing and “conspiring to influence, change and protest policies and practices of the U.S. government,” she directed AIDS education and wrote for numerous publications during her years behind bars. Since the 1970s, when she helped lead a building occupation at Harvard, Laura has been active in anti-racist and anti-war organizing, and the women’s liberation movement. Along with Linda Evans, Marilyn Buck, Susan Rosenberg and others, she was convicted in the Resistance Conspiracy to attack the U.S. Capitol, the Navy War College, and other government and corporate targets. While in prison, she was active in AIDS support work and where, with the other political prisoners, she helped organize the Bay Area art show for Mumia. Laura has contributed art work in pencil, woodblock, ink, collage and mixed media to publications and art exhibitions throughout her years in prison.