Dylcia Pagan

Photo of Dylcia PaganDylcia Pagan is a former Puerto Rican political prisoner, who was granted Clemency in September of 1999. Dylcia Pagán was born in New York City on October 15, 1946. She attended Brooklyn College were she majored in Cinematography and Sociology, participated in the struggle for students’ rights and founded the Puerto Rican Students Union. Dylcia was captured April 4, 1980 along with other comrades, for participating in the underground wing of the Puerto Rican independence movement. She sentenced to 55 years on charges of seditious conspiracy, among others. She completed an 8-year state sentence. After years of separation, she has been reunited with her son Guillermo. Dylcia’s patriotism has manifested itself in many artistic forms which include painting, ceramics, poetry and her writings. She has participated in the production of a video about her life and lives of her compañeros in the struggle. Throughout her capture, trial and incarceration she has maintained her position as an anti-colonial prisoner of war (POW) resisting the illegal U.S. occupation of her homeland. For more information please consult: