To my people, on the occasion of your unprecedented happiness

In my two and a half decades on this planet, i’ve never seen you so happy, so elated, so joyous. And while neither my instinct nor my intellect enable me such euphoria, my heart is warmed in your delight. You’ve accomplished a long sought after feat: the realization of a piecemeal dream. And in the end, perhaps what matters most is not what is, but what is believed to be.

i’m proud of the dedication you’ve demonstrated. Your commitment to
cause and strength to act is admirable. And now, only time can truly measure what your success has done for you.

But i must share that, for me, this occasion is of a bitter-sweetness. Whereas the sight of my people living a bliss heretofore only imagined is enough to carve a smile into the even hardest of hearts solidified over centuries of a persisting oppression and degradation, i’m also well aware that the Voice of our way has been stifled into a whisper upon a cascade of screams. Its words, reduced to mere teardrops lost in an ocean of misconceptions.

This is okay, for it does not alter my calling.

Abena was blessed. She knew that the desolation of an isolated Freedom was infinitely more devastating than the misery of a collective bondage. And in your happiness, i find mine.

So while the golden fetters tighten around our extremities and the gallows of a treacherous amalgamation are being prepared, i revel in your rejoicing. And if this joy does not live to see tomorrow, may we never forget how it felt today.

With Love, an infinite and undying Love,

amari chris johnson

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