Black August 2008 – Resisting Imperialist Intimidation

Resisting imperialist intimidation, terror, and displacement from the Gulf Coast to the Continent

Spring 2008 Newsletter

The ethnic cleansing of New Orleans, the blatant inhumanity of the Sean Bell verdict in New York City, the racist railroading of the Jena 6 in Louisiana, the audacity of the government to legalize torture in the resurrection of a 36 year old dead end trail in the case of San Francisco 8, and the callus use of fake credit and predatory loans to dispossess millions of New Afrikan people of their homes clearly demonstrates that US imperialism is stepping up its game against New Afrikan people. The question is are we, New Afrikan people, going to step up our game? Are we going to organize ourselves to pursue a self-reliant course of action and not only fight back but also develop a plan of action to advance our own self-determination?

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) believes that the only real answer to this question is YES! However, we all know that the building and realization of Black Unity is often easier said than done. New Afrikans constitute a complex nation of people with diverse views, interests, and aspirations that makes attaining political and economic unity challenging, but, as we know from history, not altogether impossible. Our rich history demonstrates time and time again that we have and can reach enough political and economic unity to collectively act as one of the most powerful forces on the face of the planet.

Realizing this, MXGM is working diligently throughout the US empire to educate, organize, and mobilize New Afrikan people to unify around some fundamental principles (see our “Six Principles of Unity”) that we believe point in the direction of our national liberation and freedom. We do not believe that we, as an organization, possess all the answers to all the problems confronting our people. We do firmly believe in the inexhaustible genius and creativity of New Afrikan people and know that when we are sufficiently organized there isn’t a social problem that we can’t solve.

This Black August, MXGM is making a special push to engage in a two-way educational exchange with the masses of our people throughout the US empire to discuss how we can unite and defend our people. We are focusing on the Black August commemorative tradition because it provides our people with a revolutionary framework to reflect on our history and seriously question what it takes for us to build the unity we need to liberate ourselves from the evil grips of white supremacy, capitalism, and imperialism. To give focus to this exchange, we are putting forward the position that we must concentrate on resisting the various forms of imperialist intimidation, terror, and displacement directed at Afrikan peoples from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Continent. It is our firm opinion that this position summarizes the primary challenges of our age that we must confront and overcome to advance our struggle for national liberation and freedom.

To combat the advancing programs of intimidation, repression, displacement and genocide mentioned above we are encouraging our people everywhere to fight back by forming or joining organizations that engage in the following: community cop-watch and self-defense committee’s to fight against various forces of state repression including the criminalization of our youth, Gays, Lesbians, Queer folk, immigrants and political activists; neighborhood associations to fight gentrification, foreclosures, and utility cutoff’s; and independent political parties like the Reconstruction Party forming in New Orleans to fight for the legislative changes we need to defend ourselves and improve our communities.

To advance our human right to land, housing, access and return to our communities we are encouraging our people, with a particular focus on acting in solidarity with our people in and from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, to reconstruct our communities via the following organizing and institutional means: forming housing, food, and consumer cooperatives to overcome the rising costs of living; organizing land trusts to preserve and develop our lands and communities; and building environmentally sustainable enterprises to transform the economies and quality of life in our community.

If we remain disunited will continue to be exploited and oppressed. If we organize ourselves we can defeat our enemies and win our freedom. Looking forward to Black August 2008, let us recommit ourselves to the victory!

Free the Land!

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement