To our Sisters and Brothers in Kenya

A Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Solidarity Statement …

To our Sisters and Brothers in Kenya,

Kenya FlagYour sisters and brothers of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) are deeply disturbed and saddened by the post-election violence and displacement we have witnessed via television and the world-wide-web. While we are keen to distrust the distortions and lies of the capitalist dominated media based on our own experiences, it is painfully apparent that the peoples of Kenya have reached a critical crossroads in the development of the Kenyan state and its ability to advance fundamental social, political, cultural, and economic human rights.

Given the burdens of exploitation and oppression we collectively bear as Afrikan peoples as a result of colonialism, imperialism, white supremacy and patriarchy we wish to implore all the peoples and parties of Kenya, for the sake of national stability and Pan-Afrikan unity, to seek non-violent means of resolution when and wherever possible to resolve our internal antagonisms and contradictions. We believe the current crisis to be no exception. We strongly encourage all the parties and progressive community forces in Kenya to collectively create a process and program of reconciliation that interrogates and structurally addresses the underlying causes of the violence currently eroding society, namely the growing impoverishment and resource scarcity created in large part by the debts of the state and the IMF and World Bank privatization stipulations to service it.

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement stands with all of the progressive forces in Kenya seeking a long-term solution to the crises of the Kenyan state and society. It is our position that the root cause of the crisis in Kenya and Afrika as a whole is imperialism, particularly US imperialism and its neo-liberal policies that aim to keep Afrika and Afrikan peoples in a subjugated and exploitable position. We applaud the expansion of all the political and civil society forces resisting neo-liberalism and imperialism and demanding full political democracy, economic democracy, debt relief, reparations, women’s rights, food security, ecological justice, indigenous rights, and the end to US military expansion and Africom. We encourage these and other progressive forces to unite in the face of this crisis and put forth a genuine program for the transformation of the Kenyan state, economy, and civil society that will privilege human needs over the unending quest for profit.


The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement

11 January, 08