Drop All Charges Day of Action: Nov. 7 2007

Next National Day of Action

Say ‘Drop All Charges for the fight’

Plus end unequal justice in your backyard


People everywhere organize ‘End JENAcide everywhere’ rallies in their home town.  The focus of these rallies will be multi pronged: One, to demand the dropping of all charges in the Jena 6 case. And also: to bring attention and national pressure to local examples of unequal justice.  Through this campaign, family members of the Jena6 hope to broaden the struggle for juvenile justice across the land and begin to systemically correct the way this countries handles criminal justice. In each city, the following 3 points should be articulated:

  • Drop all charges against the Jena 6 NOW
  • Fund education in our communities and repair our schools
  • Being young and black is not a crime: Stop harassing our youth


The reason the Judge thought he was right to sidestep Mychal Bell’s rights is bigger than Jena. It is a problem with the way our criminal justice system deals with those it perceives to be at its mercy.  We are trying to right a systematic wrong.  We must shine light on this fact; we must all see the big picture, if we want to prevent such unnecessary suffering and grief in the future.


Nov. 7th 2007 was chosen as the day of this national action day because on that day motions will be filed in the cases of Bryant Purvis and Robert Bailey.  November 7th is the next day any of the Jena6 cases have court date.  Also, this date should build pressure leading up to the October 16th hearing in Washington D.C. regarding the Mychal Bell case.


Common Ground Legal , Malcolm X Grass Roots Movement, The Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund , Interfaith Worker Justice of New Orleans , Craige Cultural Center, Restaurant Opportunities Center of New Orleans.


On steps of the Courthouse or school board where highlighted example of local injustice did occur.