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The Community Education Workshop Series

As part of our dedication in fighting for self determination, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement has initiated the Community Education Project, a community workshop series. This series consists of nine focused and informative workshops on issues faced by Black/New Afrikans in America.

“Education is our Passport to the Future, for Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

-Malcolm X

Know Your Rights – How to Deal With Police Confrontations

Using interactive role plays and audience discussion, this workshop provides participants with information on what to do if they are arrested, harassed, or injured by police. Participants will learn the four levels of police encounters in New York and how to recognize and respond to each of them. Facilitators will also analyze the role of the police in Black (New Afrikan) and Latino communities, the crisis of police brutality, as well as organizing and galvanizing effective
community responses.

Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War

This workshop provides participants with a definition of these often misunderstood terms, along with the economic,social and political implications these prisoners raise for America today. Workshop participants will receive information on how to get involved in the ever-growing movement to free the political prisoners and prisoners or war…today there are more than one hundred.

Hurricane Katrina Workshop

This interactive workshop provides detailed and useful information for those seeking to find out more about the results of the hurricane and the government indifference to its victims. In addition, there are pragmatic steps offered for those who wish to be involved in organizing with survivors to have a real say in the re-building of their city and not allowing a corporate takeover of peoples land and housing.

Rap, Racism, and the Entertainment Industry

Recognizing the meteoric rise in the popularity of rap, this workshop focuses on why Black (New Afrikan) artists have not fully benefited financially from this billion dollar industry. In uncovering the often deceptive and exploitative nature of the music industry, this workshop also provides aspiring entertainers, musicians, and poets with guidance in avoiding the mistakes many talented artists make when entering this competitive and often underhanded field.


Deconstructing Patriarchy

An examination of the role of women and the effects of sexism in the larger Black (New Afrikan) community. Participants will learn how to identify patriarchy, distinguish between supportive and destructive behavior, and how to correct sexist habits. This workshop can be facilitated to either single-sex or co-ed groups, and is highly recommended for student groups, fraternities, sororities, and community organizations.

Organizing 101

This workshop is designed to give the basic steps and skills necessary for organizing people into an organization or issue campaign. As well as providing definitions of commonly used organizing terms, this workshop breaks down the many types of organizations as well as the needs they are designed to meet. Also analyzed are the various roles within an organization, such as Organizers, Leaders, Members, and Allies. To fortify the notions presented, this workshop features an interactive “model organizing” exercise.

Prison Industrial Complex (P.I.C.)

The various components that make the prison industry the fastest growing industry in the country are outlined during this course. After developing an understanding of the function and structure, as well as the players in the prisonindustrial complex, participants will discuss how it affects them and their communities in addition to how they can take action to dismantle the PIC.

Black (New Afrikan) Relationships

This sometimes emotionally charged workshop addresses the dilemmas Black (New Afrikan) women and men face in fostering healthy, productive, and fulfilling relationships with each other. The workshop focuses on the communication, physical, financial and emotional issues Blacks (New Afrikans) must confront within their relationships. The workshop concludes by providing suggestions and solutions for Black (New Afrikan) couples to build strong, vibrant relationships and even stronger Black (New Afrikan) communities.

Goals of Alternative Education

This workshop explores traditional and alternative approaches to education and discusses how tests and certain teaching methods are used to subjugate Black (New Afrikan) children. Participants will also explore how alternative educational methods and institutions can be a means of liberation.

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