New Afrikan Womens Caucus

New Afrikan Womens Caucus (NAWC)

A committee within MXGM which opposes any form of oppression that limits girls and women from becoming self-determining individuals and reaching their fullest potential.  As a manifestation of our sixth principle of unity (ending sexist oppression), NAWC recognizes that cultural, economic, political and social institutions, practices and beliefs limit the human worth of our girls and women.  We  NAWC will actively struggle for the liberation of the New Afrikan Nation –By Any Means Necessary!

Accomplishments & Activities:

In response to the scheduled stoning execution of a Nigerian woman accused of adultery, members of the NAWC conducted a letter writing campaign to address this human rights violation. Our campaign was among the many movements which led to the reversal of her death sentence.

In April of 2003, the NAWC organized an event in honor of women’s history month. Entitled “Sistahs in The Struggle: Celebrating Women and Resistance.” The program incorporated political education along with performances, presentations and poetry readings by women musicians, members of the NAWC and the community.

The Caucus co-sponsored and raised funds at a cultural program to support political exile, Nehanda Abiodun.

The NAWC has written and distributed materials on sexism and patriarchy and the integral role of the struggle for women’s rights within the context of human rights for Black people. Additionally the caucus has developed and conducted our highly requested “Deconstructing Patriarchy” workshop.

In 2004 NAWC started a young girls mentoring program called S.T.A.R.S. (Sisters Taking All Roads to Success). Currently the program is run out of our office space every Saturday. The program looks to offer mentorship, critical thinking skills and life skills to the youth involved.